Cultivating Cooks Field, August 2017
Cultivating Cooks Field, August 2017

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Welcome to our village Website. This website seeks to inform our residents and others about ongoing projects and events in Hawstead and also serves as a database and reference resource for information on our village.

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"The Hawstead Parish Council will work to make Hawstead an even better place in which to live."


John West - Chairman, Hawstead Parish Council


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NEW! 23 February 2018 A planning application has been submitted to the Borough Council by the owners of Maglia Rosso cycle shop. Details are available on the SEBC website - follow the link provided HERE

NEW! 19 January 2018 Hawstead residents are encouraged to engage with the SCC school and post 16 travel policy consultation which, we understand, closes on 28 Feb 2018. Here is a text of a letter sent by the Chair of Governors of All Saints Primary School, Lawshall, Stephen Larner to our Parish Council:


As you may know Suffolk County Council have gone to full consultation on the School and Post 16 Travel policy, with the aim of reducing the current policy to the minimum legal requirement and therefore only offer transport to the nearest school, if the Walking Distance criteria is met.  As a School we are consulting with all parents by letter / email and parent forums.  We would like to extend the sharing of the information to local communities, as we do not feel that many residents will know or understand the full implications of the consultation and its potential impact.


As a School, we feel that any changes to the School Travel policy will impact the following, which in turn will affect your village residents / community: -


1)      local families with children – any changes to the policy will reduce parental choice of school on a financial basis, relating to school free transport to the nearest school only.

2)      local schools – there is a risk that reduced pupil numbers will result in Teacher, TAs and admin staff redundancies, plus over the medium to long term the reduced school funding due to less pupils will affect the schools offer (mixed age group classes) which we feel will impact academic results and in time the quality of schools Ofsted grading.  Some schools that are greatly affected may no longer be financially sustainable and may in time need to close.

3)      local community services – most local bus routes are run by small transport business (Felix, Chambers etc) these business also rely on school transport contracts, if they lose these, it may affect their overall business viability and therefore impact on local buses services.

4)      House prices – living near to good and outstanding schools increases property values, if the villages near to good and outstanding schools no longer have free transport to a selection of schools, this will only have a negative impact on property prices.  (Living near an Outstanding School on average increase property prices by £44,000).


As a school we would like to inform all community residents of the consultation and its potential implications and how little money (if any) the changes will save.  We would like to hold a community forum to inform the residents in our catchment area and also further a field, we would also like to gauge local residents opinions and encourage them to respond directly to Suffolk County Councils consultation and provide their views and feedback, the more that respond the greater the chance we have of ceasing the proposed changes that will greatly affect pupils educational outcomes and hard working local families and communities.


We would like to invite your residents to our Community Forum, can you advise of how best we can send out the invitation and spread the word about the consultation?


NEW! 3 January 2018 In case of power cuts: Call 105 to report power cuts and damage to the electricity network, or 0800 3163 105 (from a corded phone or mobile phone if you have no power)


Preparing for a power cut

Below is some additional advice:

  • Add 105 to the contacts on your mobile phone
  • Keep our Freephone 0800 3163 105 number handy
  • See for useful videos and advice during a power cut.
  • Locate a torch, check it’s working and make sure you have spare batteries. Take care if using candles.
  • Charge up your mobile phone, and a rechargeable mobile ‘powerbank’ if you have one
  • Use a phone with a cord if you have one, cordless phones don’t work in a power cut
  • Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
  • Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
  • Remember the street lights may also be off so take care if you go out
  • Dress in warm clothes
  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours

NEW! 26 December 2017 Can this really be Hawstead in 2017? A car drives along through The Pound on Boxing Day!

NEW! 08 December 2017 There will be an extra meeting of Hawstead Parish Council on Thursday 14th December in the Village Hall at 7.30pm to discuss planning applications. The Agenda is HERE


Links to the details of the applications to be discussed are available from St Edmundsbury BC via the links provided HERE

NEW! 01 December 2017 The Broadband cabinet on the Village Green is now 'live'. It MAY be that your connection has already been moved from the old one located at the juction between Bury Road and Hawstead Lane and you MAY not need to contact your Internet supplier. A good starting point will be to check your upload and download speeds to see if they have increased. Try for exampple,

NEW! 01 December 2017 Information recently received from Suffolk Police:

Since the 1st September there have been just over 230 incidents where power tools have been stolen from vans. The majority of these have been overnight during the hours of darkness in residential streets & driveways. Such crimes are being reported to us on a daily basis.

To reduce the risk of being a victim of this type of crime please consider the below…


  • Always lock all doors & shut windows, physically checking doors are locked.

  • Do not leave any items on display.

  • Park in a garage or secure area where possible.

  • Park with the doors against a wall.

  • If you park on your driveway consider installing motion activated CCTV.

  • Be particularly aware when un-loading tools/materials from your van.

  • Remove tools from the van if possible.

  • Remove copper piping from storage tube on the van.

  • Register tools for free at, especially serial numbers.

  • Mark all tools (with a forensic marker) such as Smartwater ( ) or Selecta DNA ( ) alternatively mark tools with a permanent marker with your postcode/initials.

  • To increase the security of tools, you can bolt either a cage or box to the base of the van which should be secured with a sturdy close shackle padlock.

  • Setting an alarm or immobiliser will make it more difficult for the offender.

  • Consider upgrading locks/fitting additional protection.

  • Information on Police approved products can be found at &

  • Always check your van/tools before heading off to work/site.

  • Be suspicious of cheap tools at car boot sales.

NEW! 25 November 2017 The dates of the 2018 Parish Council meetings have been posted HERE

NEW! 22 November 2017 Papers relating to the Parish Council meeting on 16th November are avaiable HERE (also the Minutes of the September meeting)

NEW! 09 November 2017 You probably know that since Terry Clements became Mayor of BSE, our County Councillor is now Karen Soons. She can be contacted at: Karen Soons for West Suffolk on Facebook or @KarenSoons via Twitter

NEW! 09 November 2017

Here's a message from UK Power Networks concerning the up-coming Winter season
Be Winter Ready.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [376.5 KB]

NEW! 10 October 2017 Although the full details are yet to appear on the Borough Council's website, the Bury Free Press has reported this week that the election for the Borough Councillor for Chedburgh Ward (which includes Hawstead), following the death earlier this year of Angela Rushen, is Michael Chester (Conservative). He gained 372 out of the 566 votes cast. Michael is also Chairman of Chedburgh Parish Council and intends to continue to fulfill this role.

NEW! 23 February 2017 Inormation from UK POWER NETWORKS

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the local power lines and substations and is responsible for reconnecting supply after any power cut. It offers a Priority Service Register to which vulnerable people can sign up to; registration enables UK Power Networks to identify customers who are vulnerable or need extra help when the electricity is off as efficiently as possible and to get help out quickly. Residents eligible to sign up include those with a disability or medical dependancy on electricity (ie users of Careline, nebuliser etc), the elderly, those with children under 5 and more. Services available to those on the Register include a 24 hour priority phone number, a dedicated team who will keep you updated during a power cut and other tailored support where appropriate. Further information on the Priority Service Register is available from or by calling 08003163105.

Registration forms for this service will also be made available in the village hall after 16 March.

NEW! September 6 2016 The draft document concerning the byelaws relating to the village greens has now been replaced by a confirmed one. It is called "Byelaws for Pleasure Grounds, Public Walks and Open Spaces" and includes an indicative map of the locations of our greens (and the Millennium Field). It can be accessed HERE

NEW! September 6 2016 A message from Anglian Water: "

There may be good news coming for some of your parishioners if they have a private pumping station on their property. Currently, homeowners have to spend hundreds of pounds every year for electricity running costs, maintenance and repairs to look after these private pumping stations. They may even have been flooded if it’s broken down in the past.  From October 2016, many of these private pumping stations will transfer over to Anglian Water and become our responsibility. We will take over all of the maintenance and the running costs too, saving customers hassle, worry and money. To help customers identify and report the pumping stations easily, we have launched a specialist website:

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